CBD Isolate, 99% Pure


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Isolate is in powder form and aimed at consumers who want to formulate their own medicinal products such as capsules and tinctures. Topical oils are easy to make by melting the CBD into olive oil or coconut oil. For those who prefer to inhale it, the CBD can also be dabbed or flash vaporized, or added to vape liquid. Not to be overlooked is the option of infusing cooking oils, or adding the isolate to your favorite baked edible.

Isolate is available in 1 gram, 3 gram and 6 gram sizes.


Isolate is fat soluble and may be dissolved in fatty oils like butter, coconut oil, and other cooking oils. It is not suggested that you cook or bake with CBD isolate at a high temperature, as it can cause a loss in potency. CBD begins to break down at 329 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that recipes that cook over low to medium heat work best.

Lab results available upon request.

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