There is mounting research and evidence as to the positive benefits of CBD for pets. Just like humans, our pets and other mammals have cannabinoid receptor sites. What does this mean for medicinal cannabis products for pets?

In short, it means that our furry friends can expect to see similar results as humans with regard to medicinal cannabis products. Like any natural or herbal medicine, patience is a virtue as an immediate effect may not be noticeable, with results typically becoming apparent within days of continued administration for more chronic conditions and inflamation, and within hours for more mild pain relief.

It is important to note that THC can cause severe side effects in animals. With that said, our pet products contain only CBD and the beneficial plant profile of hemp which unlocks the compound’s full potential. Budtanicals’ Pet line is entirely non-psychoactive.

CBD for Dogs - Medicinal Cannabis


CBD has been shown to be effective for a wide variety of pet related health issues, and can be helpful for chronic and acute disease. There are studies currently underway testing it’s effectiveness in combating cancer, and organ disease.

Current literature shows that cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects, and are helpful for seizures, tumors, muscle spasms, skin conditions, appetite stimulation, anxiety, aggression, neurological disorders, pain and more. Vets are finding that CBD can be useful in treating short-term ailments such as bone breaks, sprains and strains, as well as in post-operative care.

Drowsiness is by far the most common side effect of CBD, and is in fact normal as it provides a slight sedative effect. On occasion, itchiness and mild vomiting have been reported, but this is rare. If your pet reacts poorly, discontinue administration.

CBD for Cats - Medicinal Cannabis


We use two different oils in our pet line, the first being locally produced, full-plant profile Hemp Oil. Hemp Oil is the industry standard for pet CBD products across Canada and the USA. Not only does it provide the optimum balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that our pets need, but it also contains the valuable terpenes and compounds that help to bolster the effects of CBD while removing concerns regarding THC content.

We blend this with a high quality Wild Pacific Salmon Oil to make the tincture more palatable, even for the most picky of pets.


Are you interested in trying CBD for one or more of your pets, but are still unsure? Below are some amazing resources for further information on the subject, including dosages, studies and veterinary experiences:

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