Placing an order is simple. The first step however, is to register an account. You may then browse our online store at your leisure. When you want to purchase an item, place it in your cart. Once you’ve finished your selection(s), go to the checkout.

etransfer (EMT) is the only payment option at this time as we are not set up to accept PayPal or credit or debit cards. 

If you use online banking with a Canadian bank or credit union, sending an etransfer takes just a couple of minutes.

If you you do an online search using “your bank or credit union name” + Interac etransfer, you should find instructions on how to send a transfer with your financial institution. The instructions below might also be of help:

Sign in to your online account. Somewhere on the first page that comes up, look for a menu with a link entitled Transfer Funds, etransfer Funds, or something to that effect.

Next, go to Add Payee. Click on that, and add Budtanicals as a new payee.You will then be asked for our email address and you can use payments@budtanicals.ca. The bank/credit union might ask for a phone number but you can ignore that. The phone number is only for etransfers sent to a mobile phone, which doesn’t apply in this instance.

The bank/credit union will ask for a security question, and an answer to that question. The question can be anything you like, e.g., What is the password I gave you? But the answer should be budtanicals (all lower case). Then click on Send an etransfer. A new page will come on the screen. The rest is straightforward. Simply fill in how much to send and the payee. Then click Send.

Please note that once a transfer is sent, the money is taken out of your account. However, the money is held by the bank/credit union until Budtanicals (the payee) accepts the transfer. Make sure payments@budtanicals.ca is spelled correctly. If it isn’t, Budtanicals won’t receive the transfer. The etransfer will sit in cyberspace until it expires (unclaimed transfers eventually expire and the money goes back into your account).

Payments for orders should be sent to payments@budtanicals.ca

This is the email address used when adding Budtanicals as a payee in your online banking account.

Payment by etransfer should be made within 24 hours of placing an order. Budtanicals reserves the right to cancel an order that isn’t paid for in a timely way. 

We use unmarked packaging and your order will be discreetly packaged to protect and maintain your privacy. 

Orders received before noon Pacific Time, Monday through Thursday are typically shipped the same day. Orders received after noon Pacific Time will ship the next day.

Orders received over the weekend or on a statutory holiday will ship the next business day.

If you would like to edit or cancel your order, please email sales@budtanicals.ca with your request.

Once an order has been shipped, a tracking number will be sent to the email address provided by the customer.

Shipping is via a reliable Canadian shipper that serves all Canadian destinations. Please note that Budtanicals always chooses the shipping option that provides the fastest service to the customer.

Shipments originate from Kelowna, BC. As such, delivery to the Lower Mainland and to destinations in the Thompson/Okanagan region are typically overnight (business days only). Shipments to more remote destinations within BC take longer.

Shipments to Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal are usually 2-3 business days.

The rule of thumb is that the farther away the shipping destination, the longer the time required for delivery. 

Budtanicals charges a flat rate of $10 to all destinations west of the Manitoba/Ontario border. 

Budtanicals charges a flat rate of $15 to all destinations east of the Manitoba/Ontario border. 

Budtanicals may accept return of any unopened product at its discretion.

Sub-Standard Products

Sub-Standard Products primarily refers to products that have leaked or otherwise been damaged in transit.

In the event that a sub-standard product is received, Budtanicals will, at the customer’s option, 1) replace the product(s) at no cost, or, 2) give a refund.

Budtanicals reserves the right to request return of any sub-standard product.

A pre-printed shipping label will be provided to the customer and if necessary, a return shipping package.

Shipping Error by Budtanicals

In the event the incorrect product(s) was shipped, Budtanicals will correct the error at its cost.

Budtanicals reserves the right to request return of any product(s) shipped in error.

A pre-printed shipping label will be provided to the customer.

Lost Orders

Because Budtanicals is not a licensed manufacturer, products cannot be insured during shipping. As such, Budtanicals will pay 50% of the cost of any shipment lost in transit, up to a maximum of $2,000.00. A shipment will be determined to have been lost when loss is confirmed by the shipper, or 10 business days from the date of shipment, whichever is sooner.

If a shipment is later recovered and the product(s)  deemed by Budtanicals to be salvageable, i.e., undamaged and unexpired, the customer will be compensated for the balance of the cost of the order that was lost in transit.

Damaged in Transit

Consistent with the reason cited above, Budtanicals will pay 50% of the cost of any shipment damaged in transit, up to a maximum of $2,000.00.

Budtanicals will take responsibility for any shipment that is misdirected because of an error by Budtanicals and will make every reasonable effort to rectify the mistake.

Customers should note that the misdirection of shipments by the shipper, can and does occur. These events are not within Budtanicals’ control. Budtanicals will however, if notified by a customer that a shipment has not been received in a timely way, help resolve the matter.

Budtanicals cannot be responsible for any order shipped to the wrong address as a result of an error on the part of the customer. Please note that customers are responsible for updating their online accounts if there is a change in shipping address changes.

Yes. Your parcel will be left at the door if you’re not home,…unless you instruct Budtanicals otherwise. Please let us know if you don’t want your parcel left at the door, or if you require a signature upon delivery.  

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