THC? Or CBD? Pros and Cons

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of two key ingredients used to formulate medicinal cannabis products. The other is THC (tetrahydocannabinol). Both of these biological compounds are extracted from marijuana plants (but also from hemp plants; more on this in another post). Both have shown significant benefits

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Can I Take CBD Across the Border???

Recent stories have highlighted Canadians who got into trouble with US border authorities. They were caught carrying CBD. As a result, they were denied entry and could possibly face a lifetime ban. It’s widely understood by Canadians that you cannot take marijuana into the US.

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CBD for Pets – Health Care for Best Friends

Household pets are our friends. We form strong bonds with them. They’re important to our mental health and give back so much more than we ask of them. Given the role they play in our lives, we hate to see them in discomfort or pain.

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Is CBD for Real?

About 12 years ago, some close friends bought into a multi-level marketing program to sell a health-related beverage. My wife and I were among the first they approached to also come on board. The claims were that the product would invigorate the body, stave off

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Can CBD Treat ____________?

I recently received a question from a customer who asked about CBD for her father. Her question was: is it good for high cholesterol? My answer was that I didn’t think so; or at least I have never heard that it is. So, the next

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Capsules? Tinctures? Phoenix Tears? Which is Best?

A good question! The answer is that one is not necessarily better than the other. Here’s a quick comparison. Capsules Capsules come in measured doses, e.g., 10mg, 20mg, 30mg per capsule, etc. This means the dose doesn’t have to be measured. Simply put thecapsule in

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Confusion Around Dosing?

We get lots of feedback from customers, which we always appreciate. Most of it is overwhelmingly positive. Treatment for insomnia, anxiety, and inflammation-related pain are the ones we hear about most. It’s great to hear that our products have helped someone. But some comments are

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Medicinal Cannabis Primer

There’s been little research regarding medicinal cannabis. However, people using medicinal cannabis report benefits for a range of conditions and ailments. We regularly receive encouraging comments about how medicinal cannabis has helped people. As word of these benefits spread, Budtanicals staff is often asked two

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