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Budtanicals specializes in CBD formulations – oral medications, topicals, and even products for pets. And we’re eager to serve your needs.

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420 Will Soon Be Upon Us

For those who embrace cannabis culture, 420 is a big deal.    What is 420 (pronounced four-twenty) anyway? Very briefly, 420 is “…a special time of the year to celebrate the cannabis plant, fight for a change in drug policy, hit up a cannabis-themed concert or event, or simply kick back and relax with friends.”

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Capsules? Tinctures? Phoenix Tears? Which is Best?

A good question! The answer is that one is not necessarily better than the other. Here’s a quick comparison. Capsules Capsules come in measured doses, e.g., 10mg, 20mg, 30mg per capsule, etc. This means the dose doesn’t have to be measured. Simply put the capsule in your mouth and swallow. Capsules also provide flexibility. For

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Confusion Around Dosing

We get lots of feedback from customers, which we always appreciate. Most of it is overwhelmingly positive. Treatment for insomnia, anxiety, and inflammation-related pain are the ones we hear about most. It’s great to hear that our products have helped someone. But some comments are not always so positive. When that happens, we have to

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Medicinal Cannabis Primer

There’s been little research regarding medicinal cannabis. However, people using medicinal cannabis report benefits for a range of conditions and ailments. We regularly receive encouraging comments about how medicinal cannabis has helped people. As word of these benefits spread, Budtanicals staff is often asked two questions: a) which product is best? and b) how big

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